August 12, 2022
Miami FOP president relieved of duty after ‘anonymous complaint’
By Charles Rabin
Miami’s police union president said Thursday he has been relieved of duty after the city received an “anonymous complaint” about him.
Tommy Reyes, a 15-year sergeant and the head of Miami’s Fraternal Order of Police, said the city did not detail the complaint, but he believes it’s over an anonymous blog that surfaced Thursday alleging he was being investigated in Tallahassee for an accusation that he pulled a gun on another man.
Reyes declined to address details about the incident, saying only he was the victim of a crime and “I’ve been victimized again.”
Reyes, 36, is serving his second term as president of the powerful police union, which is currently in negotiations with the city over a new contract for its officers. By 8 p.m., the department had not publicly confirmed the suspension.
Reyes said he didn’t receive a formal letter from the city, hear from Interim Police Chief Manuel Morales or any of his top brass. He added that he was informed about being relieved of duty by internal affairs and wasn’t offered an explanation.
The blog post alleged that Tallahassee police are investigating Reyes, who is openly gay, over an incident with a man he met on a dating app a few weeks ago. The blog alleged that the man figured out he was an officer, “threatened to blow his cover” and demanded he take him on a shopping spree.
Reyes has not been charged with any crime, and the details on the blog remain unverified.
Reyes confirmed he is being investigated by Tallahassee police, but said he couldn’t discuss what happened because it was an open investigation.