March 22, 2023
“Crime Solver”.. Letter to the Editor.. (ref Mike Gonzalez)
 Miami Herald
Though sad, I appreciate the excellent stories on Mike Gonzalez' passing on Dec. 1. In addition to being a top police detective, he was a man of many abilities and a skilled artist. He was a terrific cook, as well as a poultry farmer who loved his chickens and dogs.
He cherished his relationships with his brother, Bob, and wife, Maria; Joan and John, his daughter and her spouse; children Chuck and Teresa, and his grandchildren. His friends who adored him will miss him terribly. He will always be remembered in everyone's hearts. His legacy will endure.
We never truly lose those we love. There are some things death cannot alter or take away. A loved one who has died won't ever stop being there. You will feel their presence, even though they are unseen and unheard. The power of love and memories will overcome the hurt of losing someone special.
Gloria Schmall Gonzalez